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Parent CNA? What's That?

A CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, is an integral part of any healthcare staff. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health. They do all sorts of important jobs for their patients. In general, daily patient care can include bathing and dressing patients, taking vital signs, and recording patient conditions and following treatment plans. Observation of the patient includes checking skin and turning or repositioning those who are unable to move themselves. Responsibilities may also include changing sheets, cleaning and sanitizing, and serving as a liason between your patient and other medical professionals. Did you know you can earn money while spending quality time expertly caring for your own child or loved one? You just become the professional, instead of hiring one. It’s possible you are already doing this!

If you are already a caregiver for a child or loved one with extra needs, it might make sense to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Not only will you gain an increased understanding of the medical side of the patient’s condition, but also you will feel more confident in your ability to perform more tasks when you are professionally trained. You could take more trips, perhaps, or be a classroom parent if your child attends mainstream school. You will know what to do in the case of an emergency - at least, whom to call, and what the necessary steps are toward getting proper help. You will also fall into a good routine of basic hygiene, checking vital signs, and knowing when your child’s health is on track as well as when you need to involve a physician or nurse practitioner. It is an incredibly empowering role for the parent or guardian of a child with extra needs. You already know this child better than anyone else. The opportunity to be a CNA for a loved one could be wonderful for you both.

And even after your loved one no longer needs assistance, you can use your training as a CNA to work outside the home to bring in good money for your family. This is a very rewarding career. The market for nursing assistants is growing as people live longer and spend more on high quality care for all types of patients. After years of caring for a child with extra needs, you may find yourself ready to work outside the home. Being a CNA can give a sense of satisfaction. It is hard work. It requires physical strength, a sharp brain, and the emotional capacity to deeply care for another person. But the way you can touch a person’s life is so valuable and rewarding.

At About Kids Home Health Care, we specialize in a Parent CNA/Family Caregiver program. It’s not just for parents, either! If you are a family member, dear friend, or guardian of a special needs child or adult, you are welcome to attend the course. Learn more about how to get started on a rewarding career path!

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