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Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Colorado Springs

A core value of pediatric occupational therapy is providing family-centered care and service. The needs, desires, and values of the child and family drive the direction of OT assessments and intervention. The focus of occupational therapy intervention directly reflects the child's and/or family's priorities.

The educational background of Occupational therapists includes extensive course work in anatomy, neurology and psychology. Their education also includes course work in activity analysis. This enables the therapist to analyze the components of a play or work activity with which a child might be struggling and choose tasks for sessions that will improve the child's skills most effectively - while still being fun of course!

Developmental Needs

Helping Children to Thrive and Grow.

The primary occupations of young children are play and interacting with caregivers. Occupational therapists evaluate children’s development and provide intervention to improve skills and/or modify environments when concerns arise about a child’s functional performance.

Occupational therapists:

• Facilitate movement to help a child sit independently or crawl.
• Help a child learn to follow 2 or 3- step instructions.
• Help a child develop the ability to dress independently.
• Improve a child's independence in ADLs such as dressing, bathing, transfers, and hygiene.
• Improve a child’s gross motor and fine motor coordination to enable object manipulation.
• Help a child learn to cope with disappointment or failure.
• Reduce extraneous environmental noise for a child who is easily distracted to focus attention.
• Build skills for sharing, taking turns, and playing with peers.
• Help a child develop the ability to use toys and materials in both traditional and creative manners.
• Improve a child's safety through increased balance and gross motor skills.


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All services begin with a physician's referral. We will provide regular updates, so you know how the children under your care are progressing in therapy.
Who We Are

We are caring therapists who started this business in the face of an increasing regulatory environment and cuts in reimbursement, to bring therapy to an underserved and extremely important group of people, the children of Colorado Springs.

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